Local info

The Village

Parres is the village where El Texeu is located, a delightfully unspoilt village surrounded by fields, where time ago its people were farmers and stockbreeders; like all the other villages here, Parres has been developing and, keeping its character and charm, it has changed into a modern one, where new neighbours or visitors are always welcome.


At the same time, in Parres, the most ancient traditions still survive, our festivals are a clear proof of it: San Antón (17 of January), patron of the animals, and Santa Marina (18 of July).

The last one is known in the whole zone for being faithful to its tradition and the beauty of the place where it is celebrated.

Between sea and mountains

Thanks to its location, it is the ideal place to spend your holidays; in just some minutes you can be enjoying any of the more than thirty beaches existing in the zone, or, if you prefer, having an unforgettable day at the mountain, walking through the spectacular European Peaks, where you will admire the most beautiful landscapes, visiting El Naranjo de Bulnes… and for those who love adventure or sport, there are in the surroundings, many other activities to do: canoeing, canyoneering, whitewater rafting, horse riding…


Only three kilometres away from the hotel, is Llanes, which offers the visitor a big number of activities, not only cultural, but also ludic ones.

It is worth visiting the old part of the village, San Pedro’s Promenade…and one of the new attractions of the village, Los Cubos De La Memoria.

Moreover, there are in the district, a great variety of bars, restaurants and “sidrerías” (typical asturian bars where the main drink is cider). In our restaurants, the visitor can taste the best of our gastronomy: “fabada” (rich stew of beans, pork…), “pitu de caleya” (chicken), our well known cheeses…without forgetting our most outstanding drink: CIDER.